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  • Otter Week 2024 Ladies Polo Shirt Design
    Otter Week 2024 Ladies Polo Shirt Thumbnail
  • Otter Week 2024 Mens Polo Design
    Otter Week 2024 Mens Polo Thumbnail
  • Otters Adult Contrast Hoodie Design
    Otters Adult Contrast Hoodie Thumbnail
  • Otters Training Vest Design
    Otters Training Vest Thumbnail
  • Beanie Hat Design
    Beanie Hat Thumbnail
  • Otters Kids Contrast Hoodie Design
    Otters Kids Contrast Hoodie Thumbnail
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Welcome to Corinthian Otters Club Shop

The Corinthian Otters have been working with ‘The Old Salt Loft’ to produce a range of clothing which are now available to order from this Webshop. 

Personalised items are also available to purchase under the ‘Personalised Clothing’ tab. Any purchase you make helps the Club with 10% of the sale price goes straight into Club funds. 


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